What You Need To Know

& How To Apply



We are looking for hard grafters, who are passionate about living kindly and want to make a positive impact on the planet. If you are self-reliant, self aware, can take direction and learn quickly then you may be exactly who we are looking for.

A few things you need to understand before submitting an application to us:

  • There are currently only two people working full time on this project and we need more full time help.

  • We are searching for 2 more people who want to stay at the Valley working full time on the project.

  • If you wish to apply as a couple/ family each adult will need to submit individual applications.

  • We DO NOT have residential planning permission...YET!

  • When undertaking forestry work/ the woodland and wildlife conservation we have the lawful right to stay over night on the land.

  • We can take applications for short/long term volunteer applications from people who do not wish to join us full time, however full time applications will be prioritised.

  • Time wasters, free loaders and pipe dreamers need not apply. Please only apply if you are serious about contributing to the project.

  • The application form will take you 10-20 minutes to fill out... and yes, you do have to fill this out even if you just want to visit for a day or two.

  • We cannot accommodate drop in visits.



Step 1

  • Read through our website 

  • Realise we are awesome and that you want to join in

  • Read through the general requirements set out below

  • Submit our application form (found at the bottom of this page)

Step 2

  • We will contact you within one week of receiving your application form

  • If you are what we are looking for then we will organise a phone call with you get to know each better

Step 3

  • If everyone wants to, an initial visit will be organised

  • The initial visit is usually a 2 day visit with an over night stay on site.

  • This is for us to get to know each other socially, ensure we get along and show you the site.

  • There may be some light volunteer work on the 2nd day

Step 4

  • If the initial visit went successfully, an invite for a longer working stay will be extended.

  • The extended stay is 1-2 weeks of volunteering whilst staying on site.

Step 5

  • If the extended visit went successfully and a keen interest to participate in the community is shown, an invite to join the project full time will be extended

  • The first month will be a probational offer

  • Once the probation period is over, checking in and reviewing how its working out will generally be conducted every 3 months

Step 6

  • After a successful year you would be invited to join the project/community as a permanent member

  • This is because the different seasons bring different challenges and tasks and at any point we wish for either party to feel able to end the membership process and go our separate ways.



General Requirements.

What is generally required from people at Paradise Valley.


In terms of physical requirements...

  • To labour for a minimum of 20 hours per week. Labour generally includes a mix of gardening, charcoal-making, building and forestry (hand sawing timber, carrying wood, splitting wood, deadhedging, mowing, coppicing, tree planting, etc).

  • Ability to spend most days walking up and down hills...often muddy.  

  • We aim to avoid fossil fuels so most tasks are done by hand and require and ability to lift, carry and manoeuvre heavy loads.

  • A willingness and capacity to endure cold temperatures in winter, hot temperatures in summer and wet conditions is a requirement for everyone who stays here.

In addition to the above...

  • All individuals generally take responsibility for their own self preservation. This means we each collect, carry and filter our own water, ensure we have enough fire wood to keep ourselves warm on colder days, provide our own food (until the gardens are producing enough food to feed us all) and generally keep ourselves alive. We do this in our own time (outside of the 20 minimum hours). We do also share meals and things together but as a baseline we all try to be responsible for ourselves.

  • Desire and willingness to minimise your footprint. We rarely travel out and when we do, we car share, walk or cycle, the nearest shop and bus stop is a 50 minute hill walk away.

In terms of non-physical requirements...

  •  Participants here ideally will have or will learn forestry knowledge, survival skills, permaculture, food-growing, conservation skills, timber-frame building skills and charcoal-making. We have an attitude of ‘getting things done’ and we are willing to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in when jobs need doing.

  • We all understand that conflict and difficulties are inevitable so we all embrace those willingly and frequently have community meetings and conversations to reach consensual solutions...which some people may find challenging or uncomfortable as they involve deep understanding of ones self, introspection, honesty and openness.

In terms of work requirements...

  • In order to reside on the land we have to fulfil our commitment to forestry work and running the community business.  

  • The business  involves making woodland crafts... predominantly charcoal - which is usually very messy and smoky!  

  • We need to produce charcoal every week so willingness to work with the business is an essential requirement.

  • Until our business is profitable we will need to financially support ourselves, so savings, or willingness to find a local part time job off-site is essential.


  • The site has little to no phone signal, no mains electricity and no piped water so participants need to be capable of living simply, basically and being content with very little access to internet, ‘the outside world’ and ‘normal’ house facilities.